Office Bearers


Contact Details

Minister :   Rev Sigrid Marten.

                 Work telephone number 01360 440285  

Session Clerk:       Mr Ian McVean  Tel:01360 440 016

Treasurer:               Mr William Phillips 440815

Clerk to the Board: Jean Browning 440384

Church Organist/Choir Mistress: Mrs Anne Lee 449554

Church Officer :Mr David Jamieson 440410

Congregational Prayer Meeting - Jean Browning 440384

Guild - Elsie Andrews - 440237

CoSY Youth Club - Alison Chalmers - 440722

Room Bookings - Carol Murphy 440525



Rev Sigrid Marten    David Jamieson   Ian McVean          Colin Hepburn             Jean Browning     Marie Ross



Sandy Shearlaw       Angus Black      Elizabeth Mottram  Denver Chalmers     John McLean

The Role of Elder in Balfron Kirk

Having undertaken training and accepted the vows of Ordination, members of the Kirk Session in this congregation have a commitment to promote the worship and witness of Balfron Kirk by:­

a)    regular attendance at Sunday worship.

b)    regular attendance at Session Meetings and to send an apology if absent.

c)     supporting decisions made at Session Meetings.

d)    using skills and talents to share in the work of the Session as appropriate.

e)    showing a caring Christian approach to both the congregation and the whole community.

f)     sharing in Welcome Duty at services as required

g)    assisting at Communion as required.

h)    supporting the various organisations of the church - formally and informally.

i)     supporting financially the work of the church.

j)     caring for his or her district if or where appropriate

a)   by regular visits to each member in their home wherever possible.

b)   by praying regularly for each member of the district, by name.

c)   by sharing any difficulties with the minister.

d)   by sharing with the minister in cases of extra need, for example, bereavement, illness or baptism.

k)    Supporting and caring for the minister and each other in the work of the parish and in personal/family life.

Eldership is a holy task not undertaken lightly, but supported by personal prayer and the fellowship of the Kirk Session it is a truly worthwhile and fulfilling opportunity to serve God and his people.

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