Covid-19 help

We know that many people will be needing help during the Covid-19 situation, and particularly during the winter months. We have listed a few groups that are here to help below. 


NHS Scotland Covid-19 Information

Latest coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, including physical distancing measures and advice for infected households


Balfron Church Pastoral Care Team

Please feel you can contact any member of the team if you would like a visit or want to discuss any matter that concerns you. All conversations and visits are confidential.

Please also contact any of the team if you know anyone who is ill or in hospital so that we can visit and/or pray for them.   

Contact numbers can be found here


Balfron Community Resilience Group

A Facebook page has been created to share information about disruptive events & actions which may impact on the local community. 


Balfron Covid-19 Support group

A support group specifically for the Covid-19 period has been created and can be contacted using the phone number below.