Welcome to Balfron Church of Scotland
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  • Our Mission is
    “To grow as a worshipping, loving community, actively seeking to bring others to Christ”  

    W E L C O M E 

     We will regularly update our website, but if you have urgent queries, please contact the Ian McVean or Debbie Mclean - admin@balfronchurch.org.uk. 

    Sigrid will be unavailable due to illness. We wish her a speedy recovery. We will have some guest ministers during her time away.

    We are linked with Fintry Kirk.


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  • Welcome to Balfron Church of Scotland




                      Reminder- Church is at Fintry for This Week and Next 2nd and 9th July 10:30

    Church Repairs
    We’re delighted to announce that fundraising for the roof has gone very well and we are now able to start on the majority of the work (all the external work at least) ...and that we’d like to say a big thank you to all those that have helped fundraise, that have donated money, time and publicity, and that have come to any of our events over the last two years. The response has been fantastic and the support from the community, including letters of support from community groups, have made all this fundraising possible.
    There will be some disruption with scaffolding and skips in the kirkyard so please take care. The church will be open throughout the repairs and all groups that meet in the church should not be affected.


    Easter Church Magazine is now available online  - Thanks to Annemarie and her team for another great edition.



    Our Minister Sigrid is currently on sick leave if you require the services of a minister please contact Ian McVean on 01360440016.


    Sigrid will be back on   Facebook  and on  Twitter for news and updates about her
    ministry in both churches.





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