Presbytery Mission Plan 2022 (draft)


Presbytery Mission Plan 2022 (Draft)

At the 2021 General Assembly, the Faith Nurture Forum asked the Assembly to instruct Presbyteries to begin working on new Presbytery Mission Plans (PMP) with a reduced number of ministries and to report no later than 31st December 2022. Each Presbytery was issued with a revised allocation of full-time equivalent (FTE) posts, a share of the revised national total of 600. For Stirling this meant an adjusted allocation of 21.5 FTE from the previous allocation of 35.2 FTE a reduction of 40%.

Presbyteries have been undertaking Presbytery Planning in various forms since 2003, indeed Stirling Presbytery was still in the midst of conversations relating to the adjustments necessary to accommodate an unspecified reduction of FTE Ministerial posts when these new allocation numbers were announced. However, the Faith Nurture Forum report marked a monumental change in approach with substantially reduced ministry figures and a limited time for Presbyteries to engage with the process outlined in the report and the accompanying Act. In Stirling Presbytery, the Presbytery Plan was remitted to the Ad Hoc Committee comprising the convenors of the standing committees of Presbytery, Clerk and Moderator and members of the Strategy Committee.

The report below explains the rationale behind the Plan presented for Presbytery’s approval. In particular it explains the plans for the parishes of Bafron and Fintry.