Details of how to use the Church for events, Wedding, Baptisms, Funerals and Burials are given below.

Hall bookings

We have a modern hall that can be split into three individual rooms. There is a kitchen just off them and this can all be rented for the sum of £12 per hour.

Anyone wishing to book the Church Rooms should contact and all bookings are signed off by the Kirk Session so please make your application well in advance.


Congratulations, you want to get married! What to do next:

Balfron and Fintry churches are happy to consider conducting weddings for any couple who want a service of Christian Marriage, regardless of where they normally live.

The church is willing to conduct the wedding in any location within the parish – as long as the couple clearly want a service of Christian Marriage.

If you don’t live in our parish but want to have a wedding outwith the parish, the minister will be willing to consider that but will require the permission of the minister in the parish where the wedding is to take place.

As a first step in asking for a service of Christian Marriage, a meeting must normally be arranged with the minister. You request this from the Session Clerk on where a meeting can be arranged.

Charges for the use of the Church are as follows:
Members: £100
Non-members: £200
For both members and non-members: organist £115, church officer £40, cleaner £30.


Firstly, fantastic news that you are looking for a baptism. We are willing to consider baptism for anyone living within the parishes of Balfron & Fintry and also for those who have family living in the parishes of Balfron & Fintry, but who currently live elsewhere.

To discuss this please contact the Session Clerk, where he will arrange a time for a preparation meeting.

The one hour preparation meeting for parents will be held in the manse or Vestry and will aim to: Consider vows and commitment of Service of Baptism and, if appropriate, Service of Blessing emphasising – in the case of Baptism especially - the importance of the link with the Church and the practicalities of the baptism service

We usually have our Baptisms during our Sunday services and we welcome friends and family to join you in making your promises. In the baptismal service the appropriate adults profess their own faith and promise to give the child a Christian upbringing. In the case of adult baptism the person themselves makes the appropriate promises.

Funerals and Burials

As part of the Church of Scotland, the Balfron Church congregation tries to care for the everyone living in the parish, and in the case of a bereavement the local congregation is there to help.

The death of a loved one is the hardest part of life that we have to deal with. Balfron Church is there to offer as much help as it can in such times to the bereaved through the work of the Minister. To help in the difficult time just after the death of a loved one it is advisable for the family to choose a funeral director who will help with the arrangements for the funeral at the same time as discussing the matter with the minister of the church.

The Church and Minister will always be there for a funeral. If the minister is on holiday she will arrange for a colleague to cover for her. The funeral can take place in the church, in the home (not as common as it used to be) with the burial afterwards or in the crematorium. The Minister can be contacted at any time day or night in a bereavement situation.

Further help for bereaved families can be found by contacting

Families or Funeral Directors should contact our Session Clerk


Charges for the use of the Church are as follows:

Non-members: £100
For both members and non-members: organist £90, church officer £40, cleaner £30.