Eco-Congregation is an ecumenical programme which supports churches in linking environmental issues to their Christian faith and responding with action in the church and community.
  • Balfron Church registered as an Eco-Congregation in December 2005. We gained our first award in June 2007.
  • Early efforts concentrated on greening our lifestyles as individuals and as a church.
  • We are a Fair Trade Church, and members led the movement to make Balfron a Fair Trade Village.
  • We have a link through World Vision with a community in Kampong Tralach, Cambodia.
From the start, we have encouraged the reuse and recycling of unwanted goods by having collection points in the church and Balfron Library.

Recent activity:
  • Film showing "Erin Brochovich" with the Strathendrick Film Society
  • Special Sunday services highlighting "Trees" and "Sustainability"
  • Earth hour - joint event with the Balfron Community singers
  • CSV grant - planting in the biodiversity border
  • Earth hour - highlighting climate change
  • Carbon footprint calculation - 17.5 tons of CO2 used in the last year
  • Plant "audit" of the biodiversity border (pdf file).
  • Climate Change Roadshow.
  • Reseeding the biodiversity border (see photos below).